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Although engines may account for a large percentage of the gain, an optimal integrated propulsion system can add percentage points. However, GE and Safran appear to be placing the largest bet by launching the Nexcelle partnership in June.

Integrated propulsion systems: the engine connection

Single passenger jet core competencies of the two companies overlap, but each has specialities - MRAS with electric nacelle components and Aircelle with an electrical thrust reverser for the A - that will bring a holism to the team. The companies can also reach back into the core competencies of their parents, both of which will have access to the intellectual property developed in the partnership, some of which may also be used for business jet applications.

Nacelles typically include the engine inlet, fan cowl, thrust reverser and associated equipment, plumbing, wiring single passenger jet electronics. Bidding wars are likely to begin fairly soon, single passenger jet by the demanding performance requirements of an atypical entrant - the Commercial Aircraft Company of China Comac with its to passenger single-aisle Comac twinjet.

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single passenger jet The is set for a first flight in and service entry in MRAS officials single passenger jet the Comac integrated propulsion system will "push the state of the art", including electric anti-ice protection for engine inlets rather than the traditional hot bleed air, and an electrical thrust reverser actuation system ETRASan advanced technology that debuted on the A, as well as other new features.

In a related development, China's AVIC and Nexcelle agreed on 23 September to explore a new joint venture to "consider a broad range of nacelle and components manufacturing and design single passenger jet for current production aircraft and new designs ranging from "business jets to large airliners". Integrated propulsion system requests coming on the heels of the will include Embraer's KC tanker transport, to be powered by two 27,lb-thrust turbofan engines.

First prototypes are due to fly in Integrated propulsion systems will also be included in some form if there is to be a re-engining of the Airbus and Boeing single-aisle single passenger jet around mid-decade because of the further slipping of next-generation single-aisles to post Nexcelle's technology roadmap gives a glimpse of how much there remains to optimise on today's commercial airliners.

The effort is designed to mature all required technologies to be able to build a prototype nacelle and pylon to be mated with a "Leap X" CFM56 turbofan engine for a full-scale test by the end ofsays Eric Masse, vice-president of engineering for Aircelle.

Comac C919

The company is promising additional savings if the engine is matched to the airframe and systems using its integrated propulsion system concepts. Nexcelle is investigating more than a dozen new technologies to decrease fuel burn, noise and maintenance, while increasing the reliability of the integrated propulsion system.

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As well as increasing the use of electric single passenger jet rather than hydraulic or pneumatic, engineers are moving toward weight-saving and maintenance-friendly monolithic structures, improved acoustics and a variety of design tools to better single passenger jet the wing, pylon, nacelle and engine combination. Key projects for the joint venture include developing a one-piece "O" duct for the thrust reverser, which eliminates weight and complexity compared with today's two-piece ducts; designing an electric engine inlet heater that is embedded in the composite material used to form the inlet; and reducing single passenger jet requirements, hence fuel burn, by optimally managing power needs for the fan nozzle control, engine inlet anti-ice, ETRAS and other systems according to the phase of flight.


Norton DePinho, marketing and strategy leader for GE Aviation Mechanical Systems, says the move to resistive heating elements woven into the composite engine inlet will eliminate the double-ducted tubing going forward from the engine to the inlet as well as the air duct system for anti-ice protection. DePinho says the new system will also eliminate the burst-duct single passenger jet from high-pressure bleed air. MRAS has already successfully tested the technology, he adds.

Engineers are also developing acoustic treatments to reduce the integrated propulsion system noise to as much as 15dB below Stage 4 standards, says Aircelle's Masse. Although an integrated propulsion system does involve components, GE's Walters says it should not be thought of as a product, more a process.

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Each of those different organisations and teams were designing in a different environment to support requirements at each of those interfaces," he adds. By contrast, Nexcelle will design and certificate an integrated propulsion system in a single environment with a specification negotiated by CFM with the airframer.

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That occurs only single passenger jet you have teams working under common practices. Walters says an integrated propulsion system can er fragt nach treffen "far beyond" even the state of the art in the A or Boeing On thethe Hamilton Sundstrand power generation and start system generates 1.

The trend is driving the development of integrated engine and power controllers that can optimise the work split between the electricity generated by an engine's high-pressure turbine HPT spool and low-pressure turbine LPT spool generators. Adams says that generators have historically taken power single passenger jet the HPT spool only, but the 's requirements necessitated taking power from the LPT too, a need that applied to both the GE and Rolls-Royce single passenger jet options for the aircraft.

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At issue is a "speed mismatch" that can occur, says Adams. As power is extracted from the HPT, the engine control system compensates by increasing fuel flow to keep the speed constant.

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But when the LPT spool is tapped for electricity as well, a speed mismatch can result between the two shafts, leading to "stability and transient performance single passenger jet, he says. In the F's case, the LPT is tapped to power the aircraft's lift fan is engaged for vertical or short take-off and landing operations.

Adams says the F is the first production use of a multi-variable controller in an engine. The geared turbofan slows the speed of the fan by two-thirds with regard to the LPT, using a series of star and ring gears, creating single passenger jet high bypass ratio as more air flows outside the engine core.


Demands for more fuel efficiency for the next-generation single-aisle will result in a larger fan size that will become a design consideration in terms of interaction with the wing, noise management and flight profiles, says Adams. GE and its partners are working on "multiple proposals" for a CFMbased IPS for next-generation single-aisle aircraft, but not necessarily just the clean-sheet designs.

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The perimeter and what is integrated changes a little bit, but clearly the value in a propulsion system with a new engine and a new integrated nacelle can be had," Walters adds. Source: Flight International.