Single-species metapopulation dynamics concepts models and observations. 7. Implications of Population and Metapopulation Theory for Restoration Science and Practice

Die Untersuchungen sollten sich über ein Zeitfenster erstrecken, das dem Lebenszyklus und der Lebensweise des Taxons entspricht. Eine dauerhaft negative Wachstumsrate durch deterministische Faktoren, z. Zeitweilige negative Wachstumsraten sind allerdings nicht selten und in den meisten Populationen von Zeit zu Zeit zu beobachten. Die Gründe für den Populationsschwund und für das endgültige Aussterben müssen dabei nicht identisch sein.

My main topics of interests are the flora, vegetation, biogeography, taxonomy and conservation of polymorphic e. Systematics of the genus Edraianthus Campanulaceae New species of the genus Edraianthus and a change in taxonomic status for Edraianthus serpyllifolius f. Additionally, we proposed a specific rank for E. Both are morphologically similar to E. Edraianthus pulevicii differs from E. Edraianthus pilosulus is morphologically similar to both E.

Contributors: Gerald M. Edraianthus and E.

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Multivariate morphometric and molecular analyses were carried out to investigate the occurrence of hybridization between these two species. As a result, a new nothospecies is described here, Edraianthus x lakusici V. At present, this hybrid is known only from the single locality of Mt. Differences between a—c Edraianthus x lakusicii nothosp.

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All from locus classicus, Montenegro, Mt. Herbarium label of the holotype ofEdraianthus sutjeskae, a narrow endemic of the Sutjeska canyon Bosnia and Herzegovinacollected by Karlo Maly a renowned botanist and connoisseur of the Bosnian flora on 11th of August and kept at the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo Photo: Dejan Kulier.

In order to contribute to an explanation of this phenomenon, we use tanzkurs singles graz model plant genera Edraianthus, Heliosperma to address the following objectives within the project: establishment of sound molecular phylogenetic hypotheses on the relationships of the study groups both to its closest relatives as well as within the respective genera; testing the Pleistocene speciation hypothesis; establishment of sound comparative phylogeographic hypotheses within species and species groups; pinpointing the putative centres of origin of the respective groups based on the phylogenetic and phylogeographic pattern; determining the migration paths from the Balkans to the Apennines; determining frequency and timing of the colonisation of the Apennines and pinpointing secondary centres of origin in the Apennines.

Edraianthus glisicii, a narrow endemic of the Tara canyon. Distribution ranges and sampled populations of Edraianthus serpyllifolius solid line and black circles and E.

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The insert shows the position of the sampling area in south-eastern Europe. AFLP data were analysed using a Bayesian clustering approach and a distance-based network approach.

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Plastid sequences were used to depict relationships among haplotypes in a statistical parsimony network, and to obtain age estimates in single-species metapopulation dynamics concepts models and observations Bayesian framework. Western populations showed high AFLP diversity and a high number of rare fragments.

The most distinct and earliest diverging cpDNA haplotypes were found further south in the south-easternmost populations. North-western populations, identified as a separate cluster by Bayesian clustering, were characterized by low genetic diversity and a low number of rare AFLP markers. In c and dthe size of the dots is directly proportional to the depicted values.

Sie ist systematisch geordnet, enthält 6' Kästen, ' verschiedene Taxa und Typen von 20' Taxa. Der Reichtum an Typen und sehr seltenen Arten macht sie für Wissenschaftler sehr wichtig. Diese besuchen die Sammlung regelmässig oder leihen Tiere aus. Jedes einzelne Sammlungsexemplar ist sorgfältig präpariert, genadelt und etikettiert. Zur Sammlung Frey gehört auch eine reiche Bibliothek mit teils seltenen Werken.

The three gene pools obtained in the optimal solution are colour-coded white, grey and black. Populations may be composed of one or several gene-pools. Node heights correspond to median ages. Numbers along branches are Bayesian posterior probabilities; identical haplotypes or unresolved polytomies are collapsed as triangles, their vertical extension being proportional to the number of individuals.

Theoretical Ecology, doi. Theoretical Ecology, accepted. Journal of Theoretical Biology Sun AT, Hilker FM Analyzing the mutual feedbacks between lake pollution and human behaviour in a mathematical social-ecological model. Ecological Complexity 43,

Clear evidence for multiple Pleistocene refugia is found not only in the high-elevation E. Genealogical relationships and genetic diversity patterns support the hypothesis that cold-adapted E. In contrast to the displacement refugia hypothesis, the two elevationally differentiated species do not differ in their genetic diversity.

7. Implications of Population and Metapopulation Theory for Restoration Science and Practice

Biogeographic Relationships Among the Mountain Ranges of Europe, Middle East and Asia: Evolution, Phylogeny and Phylogeography of the Genus Wulfenia Both the high, geographically structured species richness in Southern Europe and the Single-species metapopulation dynamics concepts models and observations East and the presence of disjunctions both within the Balkans and between the Balkans, Alps and the Middle East render the genus Wulfenia highly suitable for investigation questions concerning evolutionary patterns and speciation in Southern Europe, at the interface between phylogeny and phylogeography.

Hence, our objectives are: establishment of sound molecular phylogenetic hypotheses on the relationships of the study group both to their respective closest relatives as well as within the genus; based on obtained phylogenetic hypotheses, the Pleistocene speciation hypothesis will be tested; establishment of sound comparative phylogeographic hypotheses within species and species groups; pinpointing single-species metapopulation dynamics concepts models and observations putative centers of origin, based on the phylogenetic and determining frequency and timing of the colonization of the Alps.

Wulfenia orientalis var.

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Campanulaceae The Campanula pyramidalis complex is a group of closely related taxa with a distribution across the Balkans, from the Gulf of Trieste in the north to the Peloponnese Lebensfreude partnersuche kosten in the south, with small disjunct parts of the range in the south Apennines.

Although 21 taxa were described within this complex, only three, C. Our molecular phylogenetic analyses based on sequences of three non-coding chloroplast regions psbA-trnH, psbZ-trnfM, trnG-trnS as well as of nuclear ribosomal internal single-species metapopulation dynamics concepts models and observations spacers nrITSlend strong support to the recognition of several lineages which only partially correspond to generally accepted taxonomic concepts.

Molecular data presented in this study showed that C. The lectotype of C. Neither C.

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Morphological and biogeographical implications are discussed. Reference: Taxon 62 3 : Biogeography of the Dinaric tussock grasslands Delimitation of the alliancesCaricion firmae Seslerietalia albicantis and Seslerion juncifoliae Seslerietalia juncifoliae in the Southeastern Alps and Dinaric Mountains We performed a syntaxonomic and phytogeographic delimitation of the calcareous open sedge swards in the alpine belt of the Alps Caricion firmae and subalpine and alpine tussock grasslands in wind-exposed habitats Seslerion juncifoliae in the area of the south-eastern Alps and he Dinaric Alps.

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A rule and not an exception in the vegetation of the Karst south-west Slovenia We investigated the community ecology and autecology of chasmophytes in the Karst SW Slovenia. At first sight, no significant floristic distinctions in vascular plants were observed between scree and rock crevice stands, despite striking differences in habitats. A detailed floristic survey of stands, including vascular plants and bryophytes, as well as ecological parameters, revealed four distinct vegetation types.

Floristically, bryophytes proved to differentiate groups of stands excellently but, in contrast to vascular plants, their presence and abundance only poorly reflected site conditions.

Among chasmophytes, which, in terms of the Braun-Blanquet approach in phytosociology, are assigned to the class Asplenietea trichomanes sensu Braun-Blanquet and Oberdorferonly Saxifraga petraea and S. Heaths with dwarf ericaceous shrubs and Alpine juniper Juniperus alpina in the Dinaric Alps: A nomenclatorial and synsystematic re-appraisal Ecology and phytosociology of north-western Dinaric heaths of the association Rhododendro hirsuti-Juniperetum alpinae Horvat ex Horvat et al.

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While the structure physiognomy of these stands is very homogenous and dominated by few species, the flora is heterogeneous since ecotonal areas, where heaths are most frequently developed, represent a contact zone of elements of different syntaxa. Due to abrupt reduction in pasture activities strong encroachments of shrubs and trees have become common, which additionally contribute to floristic heterogeneity of heaths.

Although the identification and circumscription together with synecology and synchorology of heaths in general are more or less easily understood and strait-forward, their floristic affinities, in relation to structure homogeneity and syndynamics, are complicated, which led to the proposal of several synsystematic schemes depending on interpretation of the relationship between flora and structure of stands.